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Make your wedding ceremony truly special with a custom script tailored to your love story.

Crafting Unique Wedding Scripts That Reflect Your Love and Story

At Rivere Ceremonies, we understand that your wedding script is more than just words — it's the narrative of your unique love story. This is where Gina Rojas steps in to transform your journey into an enchanting script. With a unique eye for detail and a heartfelt commitment to embodying your personal vision, Gina crafts wedding scripts that are as unique as the couples she works with.

We don't just read lines; we narrate love stories with the care and devotion they deserve. Our commitment to crafting personalized, engaging, and authentic wedding scripts ensures that your special day is not only memorable but also a true reflection of your individual personalities and shared love. Let us be the voice that echoes your heart's sentiments, making your ceremony an unforgettable testament to your unique bond.

Unique and Personalized Wedding Scripts

Gina creates custom wedding scripts that are unique to each couple, ensuring a personalized and memorable ceremony.

Mobile Wedding Officiant Services

Gina offers mobile services, willing to travel to your desired wedding location.

Exceptional Customer Service and Reviews

Gina goes above and beyond to ensure she delivers a ceremony that aligns with your vision, resulting in exceptional customer reviews.

Unforgettable Moments

Crafting Memorable Ceremonies That Celebrate Your Unique Love Story.

Happy Couples

Discover the Love Stories and Heartfelt Testimonials of Our Clients

10/10/10/10!!!!!! Couldn’t ask for better

"I had the absolute pleasure of having My Officiant Gina at our wedding, and she truly exceeded all expectations. Gina's responsiveness and attention to detail were outstanding. She took the time to get to know us, crafting a personalized script that made our ceremony uniquely special. Gina's presence made our day truly over the top, and I couldn't imagine it without her. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of an officiant; she's absolutely incredible, and I can't express enough how grateful we are for her role in making our day unforgettable."

Brooke H.


Perfect Ceremony

"Gina made our wedding ceremony perfect. She made us feel very comfortable and the process extremely smooth. We cannot thank her enough for making our special day extraordinary."

Elexa M.


Highly recommend

"I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Gina. She is incredibly nice and professional. We were struggling to find an officiant for our wedding and luckily we were referred to Gina. It was on very short notice but after speaking with her and answering a brief questionnaire for her she wrote the most beautiful vows for my wife and I. She was also extremely helpful with some very last minute wedding stuff for the bridal procession that we had not rehearsed for. It was the biggest blessing finding her for our wedding."

Brandon B.


We said I do!

"My small wedding was everything. Ms. Gina definitely gave our ceremony the emotional vibe we was going for. Her sweet words open the door for us to be vulnerable with our vows."

Jonnisha A.


Awesome officiant!!!!

"Gina was great! She worked with us to create a personalized ceremony which was unique and fun. She was wonderful to work with and was great with communication from day 1, on time and personalble and professional. Couldn't thank her enough for making our day amazing!"

Kimberly P.


Beyond Words!

"Gina did such an amazing job with our wedding in Audubon park! We absolutely loved how she took the time to know us, and our narrative was awesome and so personal, we could not have asked for a better Officiant!"

Emily R.


Jimmy and Brandi

"Gina took the time to get to know a little about Jimmy and myself and created a ceremony that was absolutely perfect for us! The wordage was absolutely perfect!! Thank you Gina for your availability and your professionalism we truly appreciate you!"

Brandi H.


Recognized as a Top Wedding Officiant in the Greater New Orleans Area

Personalized Wedding Officiant Services

Make your wedding ceremony truly special with a personalized script.

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Explore our Image Gallery and witness the magic of personalized ceremonies, capturing heartfelt moments, unique settings, and the joyous celebrations that make each wedding officiated by Rivere Ceremonies truly unforgettable.

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